We have concluded the Technology + Humanity Forum on November, 10th 2020 with amazing insights from our eminent speakers in the Change ecosystem. 
Speakers line-up: Dr. Park Yuhyun (DQ Institute), Apar Gupta (Internet Freedom Foundation), Stephanie Hankey (Tactical Tech), Akshay Saxena (Avanti Learning), Ashish Dhawan (Central Square Foundation), and our Ashoka Young Changemakers: Ara and Garvita.

Catch the live stream here: link

And you may still linger around the virtual event platform to co-learn, interconnect and co-create an Everyone a Changemaker World with our attendees (valid until November 2021!): link


Ashoka, with the support of Google.org, Google’s philanthropic arm, has brought together 28 social entrepreneurs who are creating impact with their systems changing approaches from India, Indonesia and Singapore on a capacity building journey to strengthen their social impact in the short term (particularly during the pandemic) and longer term.  The delivery of the technology and Measurement & Evidence (M&E) modules of the programme was designed and d

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Ashoka Young Changemakers are young people who have had the “your dream, your team, your changed world” experience.

Ashoka: Innovators of the Public is a global organisation that promotes social entrepreneurship. Founded in 1980 by Bill Drayton, it aims to enable citizens to think and act as change-makers. Excerpts of an email interview with FE’s Vikram Chaudhary:

Why does the world need younger change-makers?


Two social entrepreneurs, with support from the Philips Foundation and Ashoka, accelerate their innovative work to provide healthcare for those who are in critical need. Having the ability to access doctor’s advice from a distance or to be able to understand the dangers of the novel coronavirus is not self-evident in developing countries, which can be crucial to counter outbreaks in vulnerable communities.


Technology + Humanity Forum (Completed)

Ashoka is bringing together a community of high-impact changemakers, partners and business leaders to co-learn, interconnect and co-create in the Technology + Humanity Forum, happening 10th November 2020 (5 to 8pm, GMT+8).

Tue, 10 Nov 2020

Let's co-learn, interconnect and co-create an Everyone a Changemaker World at the Technology + Humanity Forum!

For the first time, with the support of Google.org, Ashoka is unveiling leading innovation insights for the field of technology and humanity in order to create a just and more humane future for the good of all.

This forum showcased over 40 systems-changing approaches from Ashoka fellows and Google.org Grantees from India, Indonesia, Singapore. Through interactive sessions, several keynotes and 'roundtables’ were hosted for all participants to co-learn and interconnect in an ecosystem of partners, changemakers and enabling institutions. Together, we co-learn, co-create and interconnect towards a better future for all.

View the links below for the recordings to the interesting talks, interactive panels and discussions along with how you can join the 'Everyone a Changemaker' movement to strive toward using technology for a better humanity.


Agenda & Civil Society Organisations

Opening Keynote & Opening of Plenary with Emerging Insights from Innovation Report - Link 1, 2,

Panel 1: Navigating a New World - Link

Panel 2: The Future is Ours - Rewriting the Life Stories of Young People and Children - Link

Break - Link to Quotes from the Capacity Development Program & Introducing our cohort's non-profit organisations

9 Concurrent Roundtable Discussions: Co-learning, Interconnecting and Co-initiating New Stories for the Future:

   1. Building movements with content creation - Link

   2. Coder vs. Changemaker - Link

   3. Driving District and National Transformations - Link 

   4. Hoaxes, Misinformation & Data Rights - Link

   5. Preserving the Human Potential - Link

   6. Raising Young People's Voices to Take Charge - Link

   7. Technology for Planet and Climate - Link

   8. Technology, Changemaking and Faith-Based Orgs. - Link 

   9. The Impact of COVID19 & The Digital Divide - Link

Event Timeline

Hosted by:


Founder and CEO of RightWalk Foundation

RightWalk is a non-profit that champions social inclusion by co-shaping public policies in India and translating them into action through Advocacy, Capacity Building and Efficient Delivery while...

Founder of Ibu Profesional

Ibu Professional is a community of mothers that are striving to improve the quality of women's support communities in more than 10 countries by growing, learning, and strengthening each other.

CEO/ Founder of Solve Education

Solve Education! is committed to alleviate people out of poverty by providing education and employment opportunities through technology designed to serve marginalised communities. Janine Teo is...

Co-Founder & Director of Avanti Learning

Avanti is an education institute in India that bridges Edtech and pedagogy to bring quality, and accessible education to students while also playing a major role in developing education policy at...

CTO at Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF)

KEF is a leading social impact organization that works as a catalyst in transformation of public education system in India – by fostering competent and passionate leaders, redesigning...

Co-Founder of Medha

Medha improves employment outcomes for youth - Providing 21st-century skills training, career counseling and workplace exposure, and ongoing job placement and alumni support to students at their...

Program Director at Maarif Institute

Maarif Institute is a faith-based non-profit that is dedicated to strengthening and expanding civil society participation through public policy and advocacy. 

Founder and Chairperson of Mafindo

Mafindo is an anti-hoax civil society organization; develops public capability for critical thinking through crowdsourced hoax busting, digital literacy education for the public, and public...


Senior Consultant, Social Finance

Anshul Magotra began her social finance journey in 2016 as part of Ashoka Singapore where she was instrumental in identifying and supporting social entrepreneurs in the region via innovation challenges and running programmes aimed at providing strategic, business and fund-raising support. As...

Global Partnerships Director for Ashoka Innovators for the Public Ltd

Sumitra has over 20 years track record in initiating, managing and leading innovation work globally in the creative, media and social-impact sectors. She is in a leadership role with Ashoka Innovators for the Public in South East Asia; particularly in the work related to social entrepreneurship...

Country Director at Ashoka Singapore/ Malaysia

Rajesh Varghese, Country Director, Ashoka Singapore/ Malaysia. Leader – Ashoka Fellowship.  Prior to that, Rajesh held the title of change manager, strategic resources, at the organization, and before that he was a consultant. He also was corporate relations director at Make a Difference in...

Director, Ashoka East Asia

Mark Cheng is a member of the Leadership Group at Ashoka, based in Hong Kong. Mark started with Ashoka in 2007 as a Senior Advisor on Social Finance, based in London. He became UK Director in 2011, and European Director in 2014. Mark led Ashoka Europe from 2014-19, before moving to Hong Kong...

Senior Consultant at Infoxchange

David McLean’s primary focus areas are IT strategy, digital transformation and business intelligence. He has a belief that alignment of technology with organisation strategy is critical to improving effectiveness and outcomes, and that collaboration is central to driving change. He has 25 years...

Head of Impact Evaluation at Sattva Consulting

Bobbymon George is part of the leadership team at Sattva. Bobbymon brings over 15 years of experience in programme design, implementation and evaluation and has led several programmes at non-profits. At Sattva, he has designed and delivered more than 70 social impact assessment assignments...

Engagement Manager at Sattva Consulting

Surya Banda is an Engagement Manager at Sattva. He comes with a diverse experience in Public Policy research and M&E. Surya previously worked as a Senior Policy Associate at J-PAL South Asia, where he worked with the state governments of Rajasthan, Bihar and Jharkhand on scaling up the...



Team of Teams

Ashoka would like to thank the following partners for their generous support.

Ashoka builds and cultivates a community of change leaders who see that the world now requires everyone to be a changemaker. Together, we collaborate to transform institutions and cultures worldwide so they support changemaking for the good of society.

Infoxchange is a not-for-profit social enterprise that has been delivering technology for social justice for 30 years. 

Driven by impact and powered by knowledge, we are a mission-driven organisation focused on scalable solutions for social impact.