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Ashoka’s Globalizer team has recently launched a 6-episode podcast series on systems change!

Each podcast episode is hosted by Fergal Byrne, introducing our Ashoka fellows sharing valuable soundbites about their systems change impact journeys.

Click (link) to get inspired!  

Why are income distributions getting worse everywhere — regardless of the nature of the economy or of ideology? Why are there worsening “us versus them” politics spreading across the world? And why do so many people feel pushed to the margins?

We are living in a truly historical turning point as a world that has largely been defined by repetition is replaced by one defined by its opposite, change. The rate of change and the extent of interconnection, each multiplying the other, in the world have been accelerating exponentially for at least 300 years. Now, value comes from contributing to and adapting to change. In an everything-changing (and thereby causing all around to change) world, one must be a changemaker to play.