Understanding Systems Change

Here are some tools to introduce you to the world of Systems Change.

Click here to discover more on a journey to activate your inner powers in changing systems and creating large-scale impact.

We are building communities where everyone realizes their power to impact their world - Here's an additional resource (link) to help us realise an Everyone a Changemaker world!


COVID-19 Resources

We are living in extraordinary times in this age of pandemic, which calls on heroes like YOU for extraordinary measures. 

Here are some links to resources prepared by our friends to help you and your organisation gain a leg up and create betterment through your social impact work:

  • Google.org: Resources to help your nonprofit navigate uncertainty - Read more here
  • Infoxchange: Not-for-profit technology resources for the COVID-19 crisis - Read more here


Google for Nonprofits

Google for Nonprofits offers eligible organizations access to Google products that can help solve the challenges nonprofits face: finding new donors and volunteers, working more efficiently, and getting supporters to take action. Google for Nonprofits is currently available in 50+ countries. Find out more here.


Data Privacy and Protection

We live in the age of Big Data, and especially in these unprecedented times when our work is done and hosted virtually. Increasingly, our information and data are collected and stored online and hence, it is imperative to understand the fundamentals of data privacy rights and how these affect and apply to our fields of social impact work. Read on to discover more about GDPR-compliance; why it’s essential, and what you can do more to keep your data private, intact, and compliant to key regulations. 

  1. Data privacy is a basic human right and deserves our attention. Guides and resources shared in this programme will give you an understanding of what the GDPR is and why it impacts you, even if you're not located in the EU or working with EU citizens. 
  2. Knowledge and resources shared in this programme give you access to specific implementation guides and resources to ensure that your organisation is well equipped and informed in all its activities to ensure compliance. 
  3. The GDPR requires ongoing efforts to ensure we stay compliant as we grow as an organisation and build new parts of our work.