Programme Content Resources

<Update: All webinar series have ended, content decks are available in the link below>

Presentation Decks from past sessions

Recordings: Please reach out to Ashoka for access on request

Note: Group 1 (Indonesia/Intermediate), Group 2 (Singapore-India/Intermediate), Group 3 (India/Advanced)

Community building session 


Technology by Infoxchange

  • Tech Day 1: Digital Transformation and COVID-19
  • Tech Day 2: Privacy, Data and the Digital Economy decks
  • Tech Day 3: Using technology to strengthen beneficiary engagement online
  • Tech Day 4: Technologies for scaling program delivery - AI, ML, NLP
  • Tech Day 5: Building your online community, leveraging social media and storytelling for fundraising


Strategy and Leadership for System Change by Ashoka

  • Session 1: Learning for Impact: Adaptive Strategy emerging from COVID-19
  • Session 2: Adopting a system view to set long term impact goals​
  • Session 3: Scaling your idea: What should be your end game​
  • Session 4: Building shared vision: collaborative approaches for system change​
  • Session 5: Managing change in your organization - solutions, delivery models and partnerships


Social Finance and Organisation Design by Ashoka

  • Social Finance 1: Revenue Models
  • Social Finance 2: Strategies for Fundraising
  • Organisational Design 1: Culture
  • Organisational Design 2: Operations and People


Impact Measurement by Sattva Consulting

  • Measurement and Evaluation 1
  • Measurement and Evaluation 2