Technology and Humanity Report

Ashoka, with the support of, Google’s philanthropic arm, has brought together 28 social entrepreneurs who are creating impact with their systems changing approaches from India, Indonesia and Singapore on a capacity building journey to strengthen their social impact in the short term (particularly during the pandemic) and longer term.  The delivery of the technology and Measurement & Evidence (M&E) modules of the programme was designed and delivered in partnership with InfoXchange and Sattva Consulting.  

These 28 social entrepreneurs, amongst others in the Global South and globally, were surveyed and interviewed to bring together insights on how social entrepreneurs use technology for positive social change and to understand the current gaps within the systems.  



This report features insights and interviews of social entrepreneurs using technology for positive social change and outlining the challenges they face, the recommendations for next steps and envisioning the future role of technology. This report builds on qualitative and quantitative data from 100 social entrepreneurs, including the cohort of 28 in the following areas: 

  • Part 1: Understanding needs, challenges and barriers for social entrepreneurs 

  • Part 2: Capacity building to support social entrepreneurs drive greater impact 

  • Part 3: Emerging Insights in the field of Technology & Humanity 

  • Part 4: Pathways for a new societal framework in an increasingly digital world